Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Bye 'n' Hi

Since arriving in Germany is somehow part of my experience in South Africa, I decided to continue my blog for a little while to document my first steps in my former and new home.

First some pictures from my farewell and welcome: 

Shaun the Chef

Many hands make light work

Ooops, cut my finger!

The one and only Perm stylist extraordinaire

Mr. P seemed to like his first Pizza from the Dragon

Theo and his Seedling

Theo jr.

Next Generation. All the best to you guys and have an AWESOME YEAR!!!

Add at the airport: Fake Bavarian Culture with Currywurst and Little Red Riding Hood
... and the real stuff :D

warm welcome at my parents house

With even more people and original Blasmusik.... I was totally overwhelmed

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